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Aruba also know as “One Happy Island”

Our white-sand beaches, cooling trade winds and warm, friendly people are just a few reasons why so many people return to Aruba year after year. There are so many reasons why people call Aruba “One Happy Island”… Watch the video below to see for yourself!

Located 15 miles north of Venezuela in the warm waters of the southern Caribbean, this One Happy Island is home to beautiful white-sand beaches, 82-degree days, and some of the warmest people in the world.

Our island is 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across, with a total area of 70 square miles. We’re located just below the hurricane belt, and unlike many islands in the Caribbean, our climate is dry, so we rarely have a rainy day. On the south and west coasts of Aruba, you’ll find Oranjestad, our capital city, and miles of beaches that have been named some of the best in the world. Here, you’ll find most of the hotels and all-inclusive resorts in Aruba, and Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA).


In the interior of the island, you’ll find Arikok National Park, a desert-like preserve with a variety of wildlife, cacti and dramatic rock formations. You’ll also find some of Aruba’s most striking views, as the ocean crashes against the rugged shoreline below.

On the northeast coast, along with the windward shore, you’ll see our island’s unofficial mascots, the fofoti trees. The constant trade winds have permanently sculpted them into graceful, southwesterly bending forms.

Aruba Beach

Planning An Aruba Vacation? … What you need to know…


Aruba is located in the heart of the southern Caribbean, about 27 km north of the Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela. It takes about two and a half hours by air from Miami, Florida, about four and a half hours from New York and Boston and is within an easy flying distance of other U.S. cities. Canadian clients can fly from Toronto Pearson Airport, Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Burlington VM, Seattle WS. Your Aruba Vacation is only a few hours away!


Aruba enjoys consistently mild temperatures. There is no major rainy season. The ocean’s average annual temperature is about 82 degrees all year long but constant cooling trade winds make even the hottest days comfortable. December through April is the most popular time to visit. During Carnival, just before Lent, the island has parades, festivities, and parties. For a more relaxed atmosphere and fewer crowds, it is recommended that you visit in mid-April through September.


Aruba is NOT in the Hurricane Belt.

Aruba lies on the outer fringe of the hurricane belt but during the season, June through November, there may be a few wet or windy days. Changes in world weather patterns have resulted in warmer temperatures in the summer months and more precipitation in the fall. On very few occasions there may be inclement weather as a result of a hurricane in other parts of the Caribbean.


Aruba is home to about 100,000 people. Its population is made up of an international mixture of people. Their ancestry is a mix claiming Caquetios Indian, African and European roots. Very friendly and cosmopolitan.


Aruba’s national language is Papiamento. However, the people speak many languages including English, Dutch and Spanish.(90% speak English).

Check out this Youtube video on How to learn Papiamento in Minutes

Want to Learn a Few Native Words?

Few words in Papiamento

Ursula (our live in Manager) is always available to help with your Aruba Vacation at The Cunucu Residence.

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