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“Great deal” 4 of 5 stars 

4 of 5 stars4 weeks ago Review of Aruba by salvo_dub
“We found the location perfect for us, very quiet and at the same time pretty close to all the interest points in the Island, the apartment is very spacious air conditioning present in the leaving room kitchen area and bedroom as well, nice swimming pool. The manager Hanck was very helpful, advising us the best place to see, the nicest restaurant around and above all accommodating for us a great deal for a car rental”

“First Visit” 5 of 5 stars 

5 of 5 stars4 weeks ago Review of Aruba by Melonie S
“Have been going to Aruba for 23 years and this was our first stay at the Canucu.Residence What a small quaint relaxing place for our 3 week stay Our studio room was huge in comparison & very clean with the well maintained, beautiful infinity pool. The staff is to be commended with their personal on site manager Henke & his wife. You do need a car but everything is close by. I would recommend it to anyone! Sincerely, Larry & Melonie Baughman”

“Great time” 5 of 5 stars 

5 of 5 stars12 Dec 2015 Review of Aruba by delydance
“Loved our stay. We had all we wanted near us. Did not find grocery store with usda ratings until last day . Loved beach which now also rents chairs which was great. Driving around was easygoing . We will be back again.”

“Loved the location” 4 of 5 stars 

4 of 5 stars4 weeks ago Review of Aruba by Sandra P
Just far enough from the crowds but close enough to get anything you want in minutes. The pool Was great after a hot day at the beach. Be sure to ask staff to arrange. Rental car lots to see and Do for such a tiny island.

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TripAdvisor Review of Aruba Cunucu Residence

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