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Aruba is located in the heart of the southern Caribbean, about 27 km north of the Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela. It takes about two and a half hours by air from Miami, Florida, about four and a half hours from New York and Boston and is within easy flying distance of other U.S. cities. Canadian clients can fly from Toronto Pearson Airport, Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Burlington VM, Seattle WS. Your Aruba Vacation is only a few hours away!

Aruba enjoys consistently mild temperatures. There is no major rainy season. The ocean’s average annual temperature is about 82 degrees all year long but constant cooling trade winds makes even the hottest days comfortable. December through April is the most popular time to visit. During Carnival, just before Lent, the island has parades, festivities and parties. For a more relaxed atmosphere and less crowds, it is recommended that you visit in mid-April through September.

Aruba is NOT in the Hurricane Belt.

Aruba lies of the outer fringe of the hurricane belt but during the season, June through November, there may be a few wet or windy days. Changes in world weather patterns have resulted in warmer temperatures in the summer months and more precipitation in the fall. On very few occasions there may be inclement weather as a result of a hurricane in other parts in the Caribbean.

Aruba is home to about 100,000 people. Its population is made up of an international mixture of people. Their ancestry is a mix claiming Caquetios Indian, African and European roots. Very friendly and cosmopolitan.

Aruba’s national language is Papiamento. However, the people speak many languages including English, Dutch and Spanish.(90% speak English)

~ Check out this youtube video on How to learn Papiamento in Minutes ~

Want to Learn a Few Native Words?

English                                  Papiamento                 

Welcome                                 Bonbini

Good morning                         Bon dia

Good afternoon                       Bon tardi

Good evening                          Bon nochi

Have a nice day!                     Pasa bon dia!

How are you?                          Con ta bai?

I am fine                                  Mi Ta bon

Very good                                Hopi bon

What time is it?                      Cuanto ora tin?

I am thirsty                              Mi tin sed

Can I have a beer?                  Mi por a hanja un cerbes?

Can I have a glass of water?   Mi por a hanja un glas di awa?

How do I get to…(place)?        Con mi ta jega…?

Please                                        Por fabor

Thank you                                Danki

You are welcome                    Di nada

Where is it?                             Unda ta?

My name is…                          Mi nomber ta…

What is your name?                Con jamabo?

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